How to build a house from scratch video ; sweet home part I

Little story about my little house is a little burst of happiness me and my family. My husband and I had long dreamed of having their own home even simpler. Finally our dream come true a few months ago, precisely on July 30, 2016. We are very proud of our home even in the realization of the process and requires a lot of tests that we face. The house that we made was not fully realized 100% so intact, but we’ve been happy with it because it is our hard work and the results of our hard work and without hanging like a spoiled child. The house that we made for the plan will have a lot layover tells some memories, dreams and a thrill to undergo a process as independent families, which indeed requires learning and help from relatives and friends.

how build home traditional metode

The whole family is grateful for the prayers and support of parents, relatives and friends, so the realization of our dream of owning their own home. Our house is a simple house in this initial process takes as long as 33 working days. A lot of challenges in making this house, in terms of location and spiritual disorders. An interesting story in the making of our little house this is a disorder of things beyond logic. How it is that? Initially our family did not believe the things that are invisibility or superstition, but it occurs in workers who made not to us. The onset of the workers working with heavy and long, it makes them easily tired and exhausted. Secondly, some workers are always complaining of dizziness and vomiting at the location of each started working. Third Some workers fainted during the day due to heavy and dark. That was the beginning of a state we believe that in making our home, to experience some disruption invisibility, but as people who are already facing the modern era, I always associate with the situation in reality. Finally our family surrender completely to God, and finally the disorder goes away by itself. And the blessings and the gift of our house can be finished in the first stage.

The following video of our journey home from the first day until the completion of Phase I.

I’m sorry if I’m writing this in our existing or content errors or omissions, is not our intention to show off, this is a form of expression of our happiness and documentation of our memories are so wonderful. Hopefully your dream come true as well as us. God bless you.